How to Achieve an Organized Look in Your Home Library

A home library is a personal space where we showcase our best reads and book collection. Despite storage, a home library can also be a beautiful space and a decor feature on its own when neatly organized. There is more to home library design than picking up books and placing them on a shelf. Here are some pointers you can work on immediately:

Sort by Size

The first necessary step for organizing your home library is to sort your books by size. It makes it easier to find books when you need them as there are no small books squeezed in between larger books. All readers of the same size stay together and slowly graduate in size on the shelf. The same goes for books with similar cover types. All hardcopies, paperbacks, and more should be categorized together for a neat look.

Color-Coded Home Library

After you separate your collection based on size, next up is color. A color-coded collection is appealing to the eye, especially for individuals who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic. It helps narrow down the search for a particular read if you know its size and color. This simple step will elevate your library from average to elegant without spending a dime.

Paint Your Bookshelf

Bookshelves do not have to be boring or similar to all others in the market in natural wood color. Painting is a creative way to bring life to space and shifting the focus of all attention to signature pieces such as your home library area. Please do not shy away from bold colors, as they are the ones that make a statement and make your space stand out. Keeping your shelves clean with a fresh coat of paint gives a crisp and modern feel to the room.

Less is More

Once you have sufficient space and your books are neatly organized, you do not need additional decor pieces for space. Books speak volumes by themselves, and incorporating too many knick-knacks and decor items will leave your area looking cluttered. If you go for additional decor pieces, keep it subtle; in color and size. Just enough to compliment the space without crowding your home library.

Reading Nook

If your space allows, set aside a small reading nook to complete your home library. You do not need much to achieve this; a comfortable chair, some pillows, and warm blankets are an excellent place to start. It will instantly upgrade your home library area. You can look into Tylko’s guide which offers some more useful tips in achieving the home library of your dreams.