Organize your shoes following these shoe storage ideas

Shoe collections can get out of hand quickly, and all your pairs need to be well organized. On top of keeping your house or apartment clean, organizing your shoes in one central point will help you get the pair you want at a moment’s notice. You’ll find several shoe organizers out there, from tailor-made shoe cabinets to DIY shoe organizers. Whatever shoe storage idea you pick, you need to consider their functionality and their d├ęcor effect.

Wall shoe hangers

Draped shoe hangers are ideal for formal shoes you use regularly. Position the hangers at an unused section of your room or wall. Shoe hangers are handy for heel wearers who find it difficult to dig through shoe boxes or cubbies. Customize your shoe hangers’ color to bring out the most incredible decorative vibe.

Shoe drawers

Expandable shoe drawers let you store your heels in a secure, centralized location. Since drawers collapse back into the closet, then you don’t have to worry about tripping over your shoes placed on the ground.

Walk-in closet shoe shelving

Everyone’s dream is to have a walk-in shoe closet roomy enough for all their pairs of shoes. A walk-in shoe closet will impress you if you have space and budget to implement it. The many shelves in the closet will allow you to organize your shoes innovatively.

Shoe boxes

Stick pictures of your shoes on each box’s outside if you want to keep your shoes out of sight yet still know in which box each pair is placed. It’s quite a challenge having to open and close each box when you’re looking for your favorite pair.

Shoe baskets

Shoe baskets are ideal for the indoor shoes you frequently wear. Baskets are challenging to clean, so you should only use them to organize dress shoes or slippers. Space limitation is a significant drawback for shoe baskets.

Floating wooden cabinets

Floating shoe organizers will help to keep your floors clear of shoe racks and other organizers. They also come with aesthetics and functionality. Also, shoe cabinets made of solid wood are durable, so you can be sure they’ll serve you for a long time. Perhaps you might also want to check the Tylko’s Type01 Plywood and Type01 Veneer shoe organizers:

It takes functional and good-looking storage solutions to keep your house neat and attractive. Therefore, keeping your countless pairs of shoes organized should be your number one priority.